About Synergy Textile Machinery

Synergy Textile Machinery is a Registered Trademark of a textile Machinery firm based in Surat. Synergy Group was founded by "Agarwal Family". Synergy Textile Machinery is a group of family members with people of like minds, expertise in different specialised Area forming the synergy effect. The group is well experienced in handling Textile machinery assignments and they by themselves also are running Embroidery Machines, Rapier Looms And Waterjet Looms Industry. Apart from this they are also familiar into business of textile machines spare parts and are as old as 1997. Also the group is expert in handling Project Loan, Subsidy and Other Legal Matters.

The company stick to its Fundamental rule of "Quality, Quality and Quality". The tag line Of Synergy Textile Machine is BUY.. RUN... EARN.... which promises its customers to provide with the best services at all times and to help them to run their machines and earn out of it....

Our Vision :

There is a famous proverb that "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, You dont have to pushed, the Vision pulls You". Our Vision is to Grow In term of Technology, Quality and to produce some big Entrepreneurs for the Country.

Our Mission :

Our Mission is to produce a Synergy Effect With the help of various Experts and bring some new innovations to the Textile Fraternity and to be One of the best Company of India in terms Of Textile Machinery.